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#16 Posted at 2010-09-08 22:55        
Hi Bozmore, thanks for your work!

I like the style of the campaign, even though i'm only able to play the first 4 missions. In Zargabarbad, where you have to protect the voters, my performance is way to choppy.
You had some grat ideas in your mind! They are outstanding. Especially that you have to pick up your mates, the combat-training in Utes, protecting the election and those atmospheric cutscenes. BUT: I think your campaign needs dialogues! Especially in the first missions, when you carry up your mates. It would be more immersive. A Briefing would be nice also instead of "starting in action" (in all missions i played so far!). When you arrive in T-Stan, you should add a conversation with the humvee drivers, for example.
The ai-driving skills... well, they are a mess! Maybe the human player should drive instead.
When you arrive withe the chopper at the un-base it is empty! No vehicles, guards and so on... You should add some stuff there. Maybe you should consider reducing some scripts in zargarabad. I never experienced playing so laggy in this city, it was impossible to go on, even though i reduced nearly everything in the set-up. Sorry. I cant help you with technical things, because i've got no skills in scripting and so on...Sorry. Maybe some expirienced mission-developer might help you? Thanks for sharing your campaign, anyway... I guess it's a hard work and a long way of learning to create good missions and stuff

Best wishes and respect :),