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#1 Posted at 2010-07-27 17:08        
Greetings everyone i am just giving you an update on the mod which is being worked on and has being in development for 3 years. i am talking about City Life 2 which is a roleplay mod involving players taking on the role of either cop or civilian. the mod is in the beta stage and is extremly close to public launch.

before you read the details below i would like to stree what i believe is the most important feature of the mod and that is the save system. this makes the mod more than just a mission, it creates a persistant enviroment to play in.

the mod has now switched to operation arrowhead.

) Fully integrated save system, it will save everything you have and your location.

2) ATM and bank system. You cant withdraw more then your daily limit from the ATM so you have to go to the bank for large sums of money.

3) Money system that changes to a credit card when it reaches a million.

4) House ownership with storage of your items.

5) For civilians there are many jobs on offer;
Street Sweeper
Pilot Instructor
Repo Man
Bus Driver
Taxi Driver
Delivery Driver

Or you can do some hard graft and collect resourses to sell at the market.

6) Shop ownership, the main shops have to be owned and you earn the cash spent there or you can build your own shop and stock it with what you chose and set your own price.

7) For those that fancy working in a team you can become a Police officer or a member of the EMT team where you will have to provide a rapid responce team to revive seriousley injured people.

8) Integrated number plate system on custom cars.

9) You can modify your car with a turbo, tune up kits or even install a low jack tracking system onto it.

10) Every item in City Life 2 has a model, so you drop a fish on the floor and it will be there for you to pick up or leave.

11) Skill point system - to be able to use some of the better shops you will require skill points.

12) Custom built buildings such as, Jail, Police HQ, EMT HQ, Bank, Race track, Car Parks and Post Office.

13) For those that want to try and earn some big bucks on the illegal side of life you can always grow your own drugs, smuggle illegal items from the black market, mug people or even Rob the bank.

If you have any questions about it please visit our CL2 WIKI

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#2 Posted at 2010-07-30 11:55        
Sounds pretty cool, I like the idea to hunt in Arrowhead and make money with it, hehe.


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#3 Posted at 2010-07-31 06:37        
Topic closed, since it has been released today.

Discussion for released mod goes here:

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