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#1 Posted at 2010-10-24 06:38        
I am requesting a "Spec-Ops" UH-1 (upgraded variant)

I would like to see this addon in-game because their are a lot of Black ops/ Mercenary type soldiers in ArmA and Arma2, they would need a vehicle that would complement their “style” of action and fighting. There was an addon made in Operation Flashpoint years ago and it was the greatest ever. LINK-
A download is located here under Agusta/Bell AB-412 R.E.O.S.;

The Bell UH-1Y Venom (also called Super Huey) is a twin-engine medium size utility helicopter, part of the United States Marine Corps' H-1 upgrade program. The helicopter is also called Yankee for its variant letter.
The UH-1Y is currently in low-rate production to replace the USMC's aging fleet of UH-1N Twin Huey light utility helicopters first introduced in the early 1970s. The UH-1Y was to have been remanufactured from UH-1Ns, but in 2005 it was approved for the aircraft to be built as new.


In Operation Flashpoint their were 6 different variants:

The transport version is the simplest version of the helicopter. It has no weapons and can be used for utility missions;

- MG-42/59
Armed with a side mounted MG-42/59 machine gun;

- M134
The M134 version is very similar to the MG-42/59, but uses an M134 minigun as weapon. It can fire the entire 4000 rounds ammo belt in about 2 minutes.

The FFAR version is armed with two 2.75” FFAR pods. Each pod contains 7 FFARs.

- M134 + FFAR
This version is armed with both M134 and FFAR rockets.

The insertion version is just an MG-42/59 variant of the helicopter with some new cargo animations.
If the addon could be an import from the Operation Flashpoint game that would be awesome too. Out of the 6 types of Hueys, the “insertion” type would the first I'd like to see made. But the others are/were awesome to have in OFP.

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