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BattleField 3 (SP) A2 CTI

This is held on the island of UTES
there are 12 bases in total.

Its fast paced and does need team work to win the island over
it is very much like BattleField 2 Utes, But with more options
smarter AI and more effects.

this can be played on both ARMA2 and OA , in OA you will get the
US and TK factions as well as there weapons and vehicles.

You can recruit AI into your group to help you on the way.

You can have the same amount of fun with one or many
players, The AI can do almost everything a Player can do Sometimes Better.
AI will use eveything on the map, All vehicles and Weapons they will also
fill the Gunner spots and cargo spots of a vehicle whether it is used by an
AI or Player.
They all look after themselves and will complete the mission without any help.
But its nice to have support .

Get to a base and stand close to it until the flag changes.
The Flag will not change if there is any Enemy close.
If you need a Gunner or Crew for your Vehicle. Just pull up near an AI thats on foot
and he will get in filling the Gunners spot first.
Feel free to jump in a AI's vehicle as a gunner as they already know what to do.

As you kill off the AI the Game will Spawn more to keep the selected amount on the island.
You select how many AI to be on each side in the Parameters menu.
You can also select thier skill level , Where they spawn from , How many vehicles spawn at each base. and if the Vehicles can respawn.
Time of day can be selected also.

To make it that little harder to win i added Air Support for the side that has only 1 base
left, Planes will come in and destroy as much of the winning side then leave.
Vehicles will respawn when they can no longer be used.

If you take over base 4 and base 5 you will also have planes at the airport while you
own those bases.
There is always intense action happening on the island somewhere.
The game play can change as each base is won or lost.
It is good for RAMBO/SNIPER/ACTION or STRATEGIC Team Game play.

Download SP BattleField 3 From OFPEC

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