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Need help w/ a new mission I'm developing (about, I'd say, 80-90% done).


Mission Info:

You are the leader of a 5 man (including you) German KSK team. Your mission is to infiltrate Vybor AB in Chenarus and assassinate a high ranking Russian commander friendly to the ChKDZ. The commander is going to hand off the launch codes to nuclear tipped SCUD missile to a ChKDZ commander at the base sometime tonight, and you must stop the handoff of those codes at all costs.


What (in my opinion) makes this more than just a kill em and exfil mission (besides the massive resistance) is that there are some "other" objectives presented to you later as the player. After you infil and kill the commander, u will have 2 retrieve an intel briefcase from the base, then find and destroy SCUD launchers being stored there.

Addons required

- ACE2, ACEX, ACEX_RU >> i.e. the full ace package.
- mando missile (everything)
- MP7 pack: url =
-Group Link 4 (GL4)
-Zeus AI Combat Skills for ACE mod



First, how can I tweak the GL4 settings so the AI only call for backup if things get really bad, i.e., not if you just try to engage them with a suppressed rifle? The effect I want is the "limited" reinforcements w/o putting the whole airbase on alert. For example, if ur a sloppy shot and they find u, i want a car (UAZ) full of guys to come get the player (1 or 2 cars, arrive, try to "get er done" then retreat W/O calling in ANY more guys during the whole thing), and "investigate", but not to call a massive army of almost every unit in the base to come. I want the "take care of the situation very quietly" kind of feel to the AI reinforcement response.

**I only want these settings for the mission, however, as GL4 is great for "normal" arma 2 missions with regular battles. (i can work that out later, just change the userconfig 4 now).

I need testers to play through, try 2 ignore bugs till the end, then give me some constructive criticism.

MY MISSION (includes my GL4 Userconfig so u can try my settings to get the same results):

This is NOT to be released or shared yet (I'll make all my code after I'm done open to anyone for any use). All bundled addons/scripts belong to their respective owners. THE GL4 CONFIG file is in the mission folder and called GL4.

Plz help me beta test.