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I'm looking for alpha testers here, since at OFPEC many players seem to have lost interest in ArmA. All the info below are copy/pasted from that thread. I will eventually convert the mission for ArmA 2 with CAA1 but only when I'm done with the complete campaign for ArmA.

Campaign summary

In this campaign the plot is centered around Captain Steven Anderson, a US Special Forces soldier, but you will play also as several other characters, specifically a USMC Rifleman named James Garnet, a RACS soldier named Raoul Morales and a sniper named Travis. Steve Anderson was sent to Sahrani in 1995 after a military golpe led by a renegade RACS general, Vasquez, wiped out the governement and attacked the US embassy in Paraiso. Anderson eventually remained trapped in Sahrani wy the rest of the US forces leaves the island. After 6 months of civil war in the resistance, Anderson kills Vasquez and end his dominion over South Sahrani. In 2007 Anderson is called back into action because the Northern Republic has invaded the Southern Part of the island and the US governament decides to deploy his USMC to help the RACS to retake part of their country.

Download (~75MB)

Title: "Sahrani Conflict"
Version: Alpha 2.0 - 11/02/2011
Missions: 14/18
Type: SP
Game (version): ArmA 1.14 required
Role: Various
Difficulty: Medium/High
Island: Sahrani
Author: Ext3rmin4tor

Known Issues

I know there are some bugs in the mission, most of them are due to the fact you spend more time in dealing with ArmA AI bugs to make your mission works than

to make the mission itself. Here there is a list of known bugs, any help is really welcome, as you can see they are mostly ArmA engine problmes rather than

bad coding:

- Someone told me that one time the AH-6 crashed on the church, I've never experienced such a problem
- Sometimes the tank in the main road will spot you and it will have the turret pointed towards you, so it's hard to sneak through. You can make it to the

other side anyway by throwing a smoke grenade and using cars as cover.

- When your team reaches the waypoint near the docks, your leader will be stucked for something like 30 seconds because the waypoint is in an unwalkable area for the AI and it requires some time before the AI decides to skip the waypoint because it can't be reached.

- Sometimes the game decides that all the tank crew members are dead when they are not, but I checked the function 1000 times and it is correct. So you might

have an enemy T-72 operational and have the SPECIAL OBJECTIVE completed at the same time. I think this has something to do with the fact the AI sometimes can

walk through the building walls and in that moment they are not counted as alive or present on the map. But it's a real mistery.

- Sometimes after helping the RACS to conquer Gulan, your leader orders you to get out of the cannon (which is correct) but after that decides to make 2 men

board the spotter positions of the cannon (it happens to me just 1 time).
- This is not a bug, but you may have a very low frame rate assaulting Yoro because there are several units moving (2 RACS infantry teams, 1 Armor team, 1 US

Armor team, your team and if you completed the bonus objective also 2 paratrooper teams behind enemy lines).

I made this campaign alone, both the mission design and the scripting, if anyone finds scripts that are smilar to a script he made before the campaign release I can assure I didn't steal it. All the scripts are written by me.

Music Credits
Read the Readme.txt inside the .zip file to know where all the musics come from and about my future plan to create an outro cinematic listing all the credits when the whole campaign is ready

Author notes



*** ALPHA 2.0 ***


*** GENERAL ***

- Added a new briefing music for every mission, I hope you like it.

- Added 6 new missions (Operation Cerberus, Jailbreak, Battle of Paraiso, Hell's grip, Behind enemy lines, Operation Storm).

- Corrected some minor issues, look in the Readme.txt for further information.

*** Released Alpha 1.1 ***

*** PROLOGUE 1 ***

- Fixed the outro cinematic problem where the AT soldier sometimes missed the Stryker.

- Fixed the problem where you could get in the jeep if the Major dies and skip the rest of the missions going

directly to the extraction point.

*** PROLOGUE 2 ***

- Changed the starting hints using a hint window rather than cutText as suggested by some alpha testers.

- Applied the building patrol script to the smugglers' base, the same I used for the hotel in mission 4.

- Fixed the execution part, where sometimes the spy dismounted the car because he was scared by the shooting even

if he was in careless mode.

- Now to collect the M107 components from the trucks, you'll have to use the custom action in the action menu.

- Made a new end cinematic.

*** CHAPTER 1 - MISSION 1 ***

- Fixed the visual bug of flying AT launchers, now they have ammo crates as pedestals.

- Fixed the "twirling" tank issue in the outro cinematic.

*** CHAPTER 1 - MISSION 2 ***

- Modified the patrol routes near the radio tower, and reduced the SLA presence in the area, since many testers

had trouble in placing the overrides, saying it was more frustrating than difficult.

- Modified the behaviour of the units in the hotel, so you don't get shot by an AI unit from 100m who perfectly

sees in the darkness while you approach the building.

*** CHAPTER 1 - MISSION 3 ***

- Change Juan's behaviour, so he can't be killed from a unit outside the hotel, he will be targetable by AI only

if the AI is inside the hotel and close to him. Some people reported that the mission could not be completed as

Juan was always killed when you must activate the radio tower.

- Changed the part where you have to destroy the enemy Ka-50, now you must use an AA static launcher on the roof

by bringing ammunition from the ammo room downstairs.

- Fixed the size of the RACS rescue team, now they will never lose all the units fighting the SLA tanks outside

the hotel (hopefully because you never know, it's ArmA after all !).

- Now the enemy troops will eject from the chopper, to avoid dumb Mi17's to crash on the mountains.

*** CHAPTER 1 - MISSION 4 ***

- Changed the ambushing armor unit in Iguana from a T-72 into a BRDM, because sometimes your T-72 were killed and

you couldn't destroy the SLA tank.

*** CHAPTER 1 - MISSION 6 ***

- Added fixed crash sites so the pilot won't get stucked in an unwalkable AI area in Ortego (like all the

balconies). Now the chopper will crash at fixed locations (but they are still randomized).

- Added M113 ambulance support, now if you are injured you can call in an ambulance and, after it reaches the

town, you can ask for medical attention.

- Added RPG soldiers to the enemy squads within the town, so that if you have trouble with the enemy armor patrols

you can actually have a chance to survive, as someone suggested me.