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#1 Posted at 2011-04-19 11:33        

Coop mission by Leopard

When playing I44 online i spotted that the players liked a missions from German point of view, so i had idea to make a German coop mission.

In this missions players will be part of 17 SS Panzer Division. The mission is fictional and the objectives are to capture Allied fuel depots, old German defensive positions, Towns etc... The players will have many armored vehicles, but allies have even more of them. The mission should be quite long and hard, because of manpower of allies. I also added DAC to my mission to spawn more enemies.

Addons required:
Just Invasion 1944 2.5 Combined ops and C.B.A

I'm not good scripter so this can take some time to be ready. I still need to place 4 huge defensive positions and 4 towns defenses + Enemy depots.