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Autumn Siege


This mission features the siege of Elektrozavodsk by Chedaki forces during the first Chernarussian Civil War. The set-up is inspired somewhat by the siege of Sarajevo, in that you have a city that is truly besieged, ringed by heavy weapons that pound it continually. You play a CDF Lieutenant who must assemble some weapons with which to strike back. Unfortunately for you, simply crossing the street in this town can get you blown up by a gun or launcher sitting half a mile away.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

Moving through a city under bombardment is a major part of this mission, so drop those magazines and find some smoke grenades!

Completing this mission will require patience, savegames and use of the Artillery Computer and the ACE Crew-Served Weapons System. There are instructions in the readme.

Don't shoot any civilians, or you will fail the mission.

If you play this mission without a soundmod that adds decent impact and explosion sounds, it will be a terrible shame.

I tried to optimize this mission as much as possible, with minimal AI, no extra modules or effects, and simple triggers for everything.

Make sure you read the full briefing. You will need to use your radio to get to one of the three endings.

Credits & Thanks:
Kylania and Cotabucky were lifesavers with all the problems I ran into developing this mission.

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