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#1 Posted at 2011-08-11 23:33        
I have a mission in which the player finds a russian officer and can talk to him. I have recorded the audio. This is what the description.ext file looks like

class CfgRadio
	sounds[] = {Vik,Russian1,Russian2,Russian3};

        class Vik
		name = "Vik";
		sound[] = {"\sound\Vik.ogg", 0.05,1.0};
		title = "I give up!  Don't shoot!";

        class Russian1
		name = "Russian1";
		sound[] = {"\sound\Russian1.ogg", 0.05,1.0};
		title = "Americans?  I did not expect to see you here.  Who sent you?  How did you get here?";


        class Russian2
		name = "Russian2";
		sound[] = {"\sound\Russian2.ogg", 0.05,1.0};
		title = "I see.  It is good to see you my friends.  I am Colonel Dimitri Venerov.  I was the commander of this island.";

        class Russian3
		name = "Russian3";
		sound[] = {"\sound\Russian3.ogg", 0.05,1.0};
		title = "No.  There are no nuclear weapons here.   We have our own intelligency agency my friends and occasional they get things right.  We moved the warheads from the island.";


On the officers INIT field there are code that adds an action to interrogate him. When you interrogate him it fires off this script.

_per = _this select 0;  // Person who had the addAction
_ldr = _this select 1;  // Person who used the addAction
_act = _this select 2;  // ID of the addAction

// Group given in the arguments section (ie: [POWS]
_grp = _this select 3 select 0;

// Remove the rescue option
_per removeAction _act;

// Join preselected units (POWS) to callers group, silently.
{[_x] joinSilent _ldr} forEach _grp;

Hostage1 sideRadio "Russian1";

Everything works. He joins your team and says his first line. The problem is once he starts talking, and you get the radio static overlay in the speech... the sound file doesn't stop. The static sound keeps playing but no more speech will play. Its like the guy keys up his radio and never lets go of the transmit button.

The sound files were recorded as 22015, 16 bit, mono files and converted over to .ogg files with the same settings. the .LIP files generated just fine. So... why won't the speech move to the next part? Why does it stall then jam the SideRadio open so the script stops processing audio lines? The only thing I can see maybe is that the reported Bitrate of the .wav source is 352 kbps and that is making ARMA2 wig out.

This is very frustrating. The speech parts are the LAST thing I need to add to this Co-op mission before final release and its holding me up.