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ArmA III - Gamescom

Recently a friend was gained access to the private bohemia interactive booth to view ArmA 3 he was then given a forty minute guided tour of the new game, some questions answered by one of the team's designers can be found below, also as he got to play a combat sequence of the game there will also be his personal experience of how good the game is so far.

  • They are tweaking the AI, trying to improve them in many ways so that they aren't able to see through trees and grass.

  • Trying to make building parts/portions destroyable. (undecided).

  • Its not decided whether they add the picture in the picture (boat flatscreen/render-to-texture).

  • Two Weapon developers which work for weapon company's are helping to design the weapons (fact).

  • Buildings will have three different population stages, abandoned for a short time, for a long time and still inhabited (not AI related, but if a house is left for a long time its items, tables etc will appear old/dusty, whereas a populated house the items would be new/clean looking).

  • There will be less weapons created, but every weapon can be customized with a silencer, Holo sight, Flashlight etc (fact).

  • Their may be British units from the beginning, rather then added via DLC (undecided).

  • They will possibly be adding breakable glass.

  • Maybe adding an option to jump through windows, if a door is locked/closed.

  • Vehicles will have a damage model, but its not clear on how it will be (not even decided if they add this system in the game).

  • He was told that they've a long feature list but its not decided which ones are getting into the game.

  • All buildings are destroyable.

  • The map will be 100% like the real island (fact).

  • It's set in the third world war, not the beginning not the end, its in the middle of conflict.

  • Campaign only SP (fact).

  • In the campaign you can work for a “smuggler” (he said, smuggler bad guy), you can ask civilians for help, join the Resistance, after finishing missions/objectives you'll get weapons etc, every mission can be done with separate ways so sneaking or being Rambo.

  • If you change your uniform from “opfor” to” blufor” the opfor recognises you as an enemy and will start shooting at you and reverted, so you can change the “side” to gain a invisible shield against an enemy but your side will recognise you as enemy, as long as you wear an opposites uniform.

  • They are not adding a jumping function.

  • Their will be an assortment of mines, from bouncing mines, trip mines and AT mines, its not yet known whether the wire of trip mines will be visible.

Since he got to play the game for a short while I conducted a mini-interview with him to get his thoughts and feelings on how it is progressing.

A: Monzta

Q: How did the game feel when you were playing ArmA 3, was it completely different in fluidity compared to ArmA 2?
A: The controls were the same, but It felt smoother then arrma 2, the movement also looked improved.

Q: How did the vehicle physics feel, was it sluggish like ArmA 2?
A: It looked like Arma 2, except that the hands on the steering wheel moved and the physics aren't completly done. They're working on them still, its no where near the final product. I'm sure after they've finished the physics it will be better than in Arma 2

Q: How does the map feel, what is the terrain like?
A: The island has different countryside/terrains, like a desert style part, a salt lake, tundra/grassy hills. The terrain felt like making holidays in greece, in the air it looked really realistic. Its possible to see the love for the detail, you can even visit the town in real life and see the same building which you can see ingame.

Q: Which weapons were you able to use, and were you able to use the new customize option on the fly?
A: I'm not sure of the weapons name, but I could change my scopes, from an acog kind to a holo sight, while in combat.

Q; Was there any animations you were able to do that you've not seen before?
A: Satchels aren't placed on the ground near the boat, they are going to be placed on the boat. That will be for everything else too. The diving ofcourse the rest were the same at this stage

Q: How did the new artillery calling feel?
A: The arty call with AI gunners works good and the arty spreads on impact, they never hit the exact same spot.

Q: What was the underwater scuba diving like, was it responsive, were you able to ascend dive like with helicopter controls?
A: I never really got to see much of that, it was short and in an ealry stage, it did look cool at its current stage though, it looked like steering was with W A S D and diving with page up and down buttons.

Q: What was your overall experiance of what you've seen?
A: It was impressive, the textures, the map, the units, the water, like the next stage of a great series. After playing ArmA 3 for a short while I have difficulty starting up combined operations again.

Ok well that's it for now, there may be some new pictures video's that I can get from him, also any questions you have feel free to ask, if he can answer them I will add them to this post.

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