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#1 Posted at 2007-09-22 01:56        
I have been fighting configs for week or two now and wondered if anyone could please help me out with my current problem. See I am trying to put together a tank config (with two turrets, driver and commander) and am having alot of problems.
I am using GranQ's config as reference (with permission), so have not got round to configering all the different strenghts/properties quite yet.
I am still struggling with the basics, so things are probably a great mess.
I have tried to add alot more things than what is shown in the config below (in config below there only suppose to be (1 driver), (1 commander Mgunner) and a main turrent. Meaning I have taken out, the the second Mgunner and have given the commander (who usually commands in the main turrent) his postion. Also I took out the weapons/smokegrenades and such. As at the moment I just want to get atleast one of postions working properly :)

The main problems at the moment are that, while the turrets turn, the optics do not follow them round. Also the commander is called gunner (two "gunner" postions seen when sitting in drivers seat) and he sits in what seems to be the same proxy as the main gunner.

If anyone has any suggestions for on any of these issues ( or others seen because there is alot :)) I would really appreciate the help, as I have been trying to figure this out for a very large amount of hours now.

Thanks for reading thus far into my problem regardless of if you are able to help. P.s its possible when I took things out I didn't add the right amount of "{}" but it didn't give many any errors on launch so I hope its ok.

Edit: OK I think I got the basics sorted after ALOT of trail and error type guessing :). The main problem was just really a bad structured config. I got it fixed by starting again with it and trying to keep it as close to the example on the biki as possible. Will add more info and maybe more problems later when I have time :)

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