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#1 Posted at 2011-08-23 22:39        

I need help with my stealth mission, which is an infiltrate airbase, kill commander and exfil type thing. I'm having issues with the ai being "too aware", in that it is impossible to creep around w/o being detected. Is there a script that will only allow enemies within a certain area of the base to respond to a threat (so if i kill them the alert status goes back to normal instead of alert)? Also, is there a way to get enemies to ignore you until you are close, to again, enable you to infil quietly.

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Well, you could try just actually sneaking around. If it's night you can sneak right up behind an AI if you're crouching or crawling.

There's all kinds of different ways to fake stealth though. Search around and you should find some links. Each has their own good parts and drawbacks.


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You could always try this too: Infantry Stealth and Recognition Skills

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