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Camouflage Red, black and white for Soldiers

Hello everyone,
I am working on a project that is campaign mode. The story is a modern war, set in 2018.
I keep in secret the storyline for when the day of the release of the campaign for the public!. ;-)
My project idea is to modify everything to make it look modern. Vehicles, weapons, and uniform ... in this last part, I need your help

Pardon my ignorance, but I am unable to edit 3D textures, and much harder I can not paint the uniform or give realism to the visualization of the textures.
I want to add troops to the West (the U.S. troops in the game).Camouflage would be red, black and white for urban operations. I personally see very ordinary the forest green camouflage uniforms, color sand desert, urban gray and white, blue camouflage or camouflage digital.

I have the intention to give a new and original vision to the troops of my history, so that the user feel more involved in the story I tell. this is very important to me.

I need

--> add this camouflage red, black and white for all troops WEST. The bulletproof vest will be black, as well as compartments for magazines (like the image below). The helmet can be too black, or have the same camouflage red, black and white. Please do not forget the black knee too, or a gun holster on the side of pants. too much to ask? ;-) (camouflage can change according to the specialty of the soldier, special forces, for example)

-->I do not seek this camouflage is unique to my use, but he can offered to the public free to enjoy the... Of course! *DRINK*

as payment for his help

1- I will be eternally grateful for the work of the person who gets supply of these camouflages.
2- I will add the person's name to the credits in the game, the start of the game and in the end credits.
3- In the credits will come out next to your name and the work you did the project.
4- It will also add your name to the textbook that includes the winrar, and of course also in the post when the campaign is displayed to the public.

reference images to be my idea

thanks and best regards

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