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#1 Posted at 2011-09-15 13:05        
Ok, so, i've got an Acer Aspire AX3950, the slim one, I' ve got big problem, i have a quad core *OK* I've got 3GB of RAM *THUMBS UP* 640GB of hard disk *YES* but i have Intel GMA HD graphic card *STOP* It sucks! I can't even play Arma 2 at lowest settings without lag! canyourunit says that all of the parametres of VideoCard are excellent, but the card sucks! And i can't even change it, cause this is a special slim pc, it goes with 220v i think when my nvidia needs 500, but there isn't neither the space to insert a new videocard.. I payed it a lot, and i don't want to throw in the toilet 2000€ so, can anyone help me? Everything you know that will help me, even a little is a great pleasure for me. Thanks

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Since you want to run Arma 2: OA on it this belongs here:

But, to answer your question.........looks like unless you are able to upgrade the PSU and the GPU you wont be playing Arma 2: OA with this PC.

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