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#1 Posted at 2011-09-20 04:09        

EVOLUTION V3.5 - For a Better Evolution Experience!

Hello, lately I've been working on the Evolution gamemode I know there is haters and the likers of this mode but I do see some potential from this mode to be a good one. Maybe with different cities to capture and more things you got to do in each city like in one city you just capture officer and take down tower.. then the next you got to gather intel, rescue hostages and take down tower but unfortunetly I do not know how to program or script so I can't make these wishes become true without a experience scripter on my side. I was only able to do so much and so little to the mode to do enhancements and some issues like over-time server slow downs, server would crash when game gets at last city or just lag out.

But I eliminate most of the possible causes that would do the server slow downs or server lagging out. I took out and disabled some of the things it had running like for one enemy air flying around I disabled some of the enemy air spawning which helped alot. I also decreased the infantry count that spawns in cities but you hardly notice the difference and I also took out some of their armor they are allowed to have, I limited them to T72, UAZ Vehicles, BTR90, BRDM, and the BMP3, For their AA Defense they only have the Shilka for their defense.

If anyone is willing to come join me to make this mode into a better and more exciting one to play just give me a message on this site and I'll contact you the rest of the way from there.

This is not a double post, I editted the other posting in Operation Arrowhead to be removed. :)