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#1 Posted at 2011-09-22 23:06        
Hi, I again have created up another evolution mode this time I went all in and created up a base model of the mode, I done numbers of changes to improve the performance of this mode. I took out modded vehicles and infantry as I was thinking it might of been causing some lag as the server is unknown what that object is and it keeps trying to create it so that issue should be resolved. I fixed the Mando Hitch Error just copied a fixed version of it from another mode Gits evo 32b. Only things I need to be tested is the overall durability, if players are spawning correctly and not in each other groups, see if any new bugs have been created or some weird things are going on. Please report them here as I'll try to resolve the bugs and fix them :). I'm hoping this mode will give everyone a new mode to work from and create their own mode from it.

Download Link(Read the EvolutionReadMe for the changes I have done): Update 2 Out
(Update 2: Fixed players from going into each other groups, removed civilian traffic, and removed rain - to help with performance)

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