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#1 Posted at 2011-10-02 15:05        
hey everybody, im having an issue with my CBA that ive never had before and for some reason it just started doing it now. when i run the game (usually in map editor which is what i have usually been doing/3D editor as well) i automatically get this "cannot find extended_eventhandlers/init_compile.sqf" (its basically that) and when i go into my CBA folder then i go to store/source/extended_eventhandlers folder there is no init_compile.sqf. i looked into my "archived" (i always take the file and store it in case i need it later) folder and brought up CBA and there is no init_compile.sqf, so i went and downloaded the newest version, which i already had anyways and it is not with the new download either. i really don't know whats going on. i have taken out every mod except for CBA and i still get it, so that's how i know that it is in fact an issue with CBA. if anybody knows what is going on please let me know and if you can give me that sqf i would greatly appreciate it. it can be sent to

please help guys, this is annoying as hell

NOTE: I have checked every other folder within CBA and there is no init_compile.sqf so it is NOT misplaced

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#2 Posted at 2011-10-02 15:49        
I was having this problem too a few days ago! I finally fixed it with this version.
Hope that helps :-)

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