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#16 Posted at 2019-07-19 15:37        
# Madvad : Sorry for answer in a topic for years ago, but Im with the same problem.

Trying to create a ACM Module in the UnSung v2.6, but I cant make the ACM spawn correct sides and units.

No make any sense see a Su-34 in the Vietnam, and not matter how I put the factions I found in the web, looks like any of them work.

In the end, you suceed?

I can't exactly remember since it was so long ago, but I'm pretty sure I had to open up the mod and look at the config files to get the correct faction names. Also, ACM IIRC, some of the Unsung factions weren't perfect and completely compatible with ACM I think. I can't exactly remember, From what I remember, what worked best for me was to use MSO and let it do all the spawning for you with Unsung. I didn't have very many problems, if at all, using Unsung v2 with MSO.