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#1 Posted at 2011-12-11 21:20        
I bought my game recent days ago . and after download that mod . Becouse i was wanting play the Invasion 1944 MOD in spec ops misssion . But now when i get in in arma 2 And i go to Spec op Missions in singleplayer wizard panel the game Trhow me to the actual world . I want a spec op Mission like A german soldier . With Ambient Combat Under americans and germans In the WW2 dont make sence go in spec op mission . Like german and The "Spec ops MODULE" Generate me Quest With the "Russian actual units" OR the Ambient war revivals . Generate F16 PLanes and that . I want a spec Op Mission with the Ambient Combat Generating Alone World war Units . And the same with the "Spec Op missions" I Listen that the modules can be configurated . an i can Configurate What Ambient wars will respawn and i have a little idea about that . BUt i dont know . how make the same with the Spec Op missions . How i can do that th e spec Op Missions Generate Me Missions And Spawn German Factoin Soldiers and Not american soldiers or Russian actual soldiers if somebody have a Maked File of that i will be VERY GRATEFUL . MY game version is UNpatchet

MY game is ARMA2 v1.07
And the Invasion 1944 Mod is 2.0 is the 1944 Invasion MOd created For Arma 2 Only