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#1 Posted at 2011-12-11 23:53        
Is there a way to configure respawns to only be available after certain triggers are activated?


3 players in a team of 6 die during the first part of an extended mission. They remain in spectator mode (or "jail" or whatever) until the remaining team reaches the next mission waypoint. Once the remaining players reach that waypoint, all dead players are then respawned AT that waypoint. Anyone that dies after after the first waypoint, will have to wait until the NEXT designated waypoint and so on. If all players die before reaching a "respawn" waypoint, the mission ends.

Why do I need something like this? I don't want unlimited respawns because it reinforces stupid play (at least in my group of LAN players), and I don't want just a limited number of respawns (like Norrin's awesome script) because individual respawns tend to destroy team work as players are moving individually back into the battle. The idea above seems to be the best balance between penalizing player deaths, reinforcing team play, but making sure my new and less-skilled players are watching for 30 min at a stretch.

Thank you so much for any advice on this!!! It would really help our LAN group.