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#1 Posted at 2011-12-25 03:17        
Hello there!

I've been playing ARMA now for a bit over 6 months now, and I used to be a member of a Military Realism Group. When I was in that group, we had a regular Takistan Domination map we had up most of the time, but we also had this map that we did our training on and our drills. This map was on Chernarus and it was semi-Domination like. Spawn was on the big main Airfield, and they had a base with almost every US vehicle in the game, and there was a CQC Training Course along with a basic Rifle Range. But the Domination like part of the map was that there were premade missions inside of the map, that we could activate and deactivate as we pleased. We could control the time of day in-game with many other commands to prepare us for the premade missions as we pleased.

So, with the description of the map all set, my question to the people of the Armaholic forums is...

Where can I find this map?

Me and a friend of mien have just set up our own realism Group and we have been searching for this map for some time now. Any help is greatly appreciated and a very Merry Christmas to all of you!