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#1 Posted at 2012-01-06 17:24        
Hello all, I know it's impolite to join a community and as for help with your first post, but I have done so anyways. I hope you all don't mind.

I'm planning on making an ArmA II machinima, one with a somewhat serious tone.

The idea is based around what I thought the film Inception would originally be about. Subconscious security against subconscious threats, as opposed to a "mind heist" sort of film.

It would be based like Inception, originally, except the purpose here is for a "psychology team" to rehabilitate a PTSD patient by finding the cause of the trauma and alleviating it somehow.

The way the film would be set up originally, is that a PMC team gets ambushed (similar to the March 31st ambush in Fallujah). However, 3 members survive, and have to escape the city. Only one, the person whose being rehabilitated, makes it out alive.

The psychology team has to "insert" themselves into the memories of the veteran PMC operator and find something that can help the patient recover.

I'm thinking of making that "something" shooting a "civilian" at long range, the survivor being a designated marksman sort of character.

However, the psychology team discovered that the "civilian" wasn't a civilian at all (through exploring the dream), rather he was a messenger for insurgent groups.

That would be the resolution.

If you find this idea interesting, I would love your help. I've already presented it to ex-military that I know, and they have no qualms with the execution or premise.

I need some voice actors, and a person who can run ArmA II: OA on maxed settings with FRAPS running too. Preferably said person would have had prior experience with machinima, but if you don't, it's fine.

The voice actors should be between the ages of 20-30, and I need, possibly 6 or 7, depending.

My current production team is about 2-3 people who are fairly dedicated. You can rest assured that we will be committed to seeing this project through to completion.