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With the permission of the moderators (sorry for my hateful English, please notify me if I'm putting this topic in the wrong place and send the correct link, they are welcome)

I wanted to make a question regarding the ACE Mod 2. With the help of Addon Sync 2009 DOWNLOAD: ACE Mod, ACEX, ACE_ru ACE ACE Usnavy and sound, all in ArnmA 2 OR ... however, Houston we have a problem:

I load the Mods to ArmA 2 launcher ... and well ... I ran the laucher ... but the mods did not activate ... the normal version of the game without any mod was the one ...

so ... I made some changes to the laucher and discharge again, an updated version of CBA Mod .. and then ... I ran ... but my computer screen goes black for a long time and not stop to open the game ...

What could be happening?

i appreciated your time and help, wasted.

Please notify the subforum where my question should be, preferably with a link

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ACE questions belong in the ACE thread which you can find in this section (don't open a new topic, use the existing ACE thread:

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