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#1 Posted at 2012-03-28 23:21        
What I have is this:
This is set on a trigger, for fixed wing this works great when set to guard or whatever else however, attack choppers tend to be a bit less animated and just sit there... How would I add additional waypoints, ending with cycle, inside the trigger? What I tried was repeating the add waypoint by adding:
After the last sleep, the chopper does nothing, didnt work by removeing the move wp2 either... help?

What i've done now is added an apache in the editor named chopper1 and issued it waypoints that it navigates fine and when I use the radio command it deletes it and spawns a new one, How do I use this: [url=][/url] to get the trigger to access the waypoints? I don't understand the getwppos and _wPosArray or where to place them in the trigger script...

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