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#16 Posted at 2014-02-21 21:15        
I installed Massi's SEAL/Ranger/Delta unit addon with the SF_SPETZ weapons pack as described as needed. I have two problems (I suspect it's stemming from the same issue):
1. My addons do not show up in the expansions drop down menue under configuration.
2. When I place these mods in the addons folder it only works with the individual .cpo files placed in the addons, it won't work in a file containing the .cpo files. Also, when I do this, I also place the keys in the "keys" folder and find that the vast majority of Arma 3 servers will not allow me access. A message pops up saying my keys aren't valid.

I suspect I am doing something wrong, however, most of the guides refer to the Alpha or describe EXACTLY what I have done (including the guide here minus the command line, which seems to be from the Alpha) yet I have the two above problems. I really need help here. I've googled and searched this site to no avail and I need help here. It seems everyone else is able to figure these things out yet here I am unable to play with any mods.