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#1 Posted at 2012-05-02 20:34        

im looking for someone to explain me how to replace Units in warfare. Ive got the 31st Normandy Mod from here and i want to play Superpowers or When Diplomacy fails with these units. I got the famous Mr-Murray editor pdf, but thats no help to me in this point. Ive extractet the Superpowers.pbo with pbo view and load it in the editor but theres no thing i can do, only to replace the existing units. Then i take a look in mission.sqm ich can see me replaced units and some things, they dont make sense to me. Of course they make sense but i dont know where i can make the changes to build only WW2 Units on both sides. Since the 31st Normandy Mod patch 2 for 31stNormandyMod theres defenitly MHQ for each sides included. Rip31st the author wrote he added MHQ´s for Warfaremaps in WW2. I wrote an E-mail to him, but the E-Mail Account doesent exist anymore -.- If someone have the time and knowledge for this, pls explain. Of course, when its done i will upload it.

Thx from Germany