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#1 Posted at 2007-10-31 11:22        
Armed Assault was a welcome follow-up to Operation Flashpoint, and for me it meant several hours of more intense gameplay per day. I love military sims, and I knew I was gonna love ArmA 2 (not to mention Operation Flashpoint 2) as soon as I heard about it... I was right.

However lately, while scouring the forums and reading comments about some things, I've come across some things that have made me doubt the "quality" of ArmA overall. I've made a list (I'm sure there's several threads about this, but I wanted one that's easy to follow, and so... here it goes...) on things that I think it's worth discussing about the matter.

1.) AI -> Apparently the AI of ArmA has been nagged on since the release. I've come to accept the fact that this is true. Comments like "they have no apparent reason to TRY and stay alive" or "do they choose the most unlogical paths at all times, or are they just retards which the governments placed rifles in the hands of?" made me hope that the AI and pathing will be GREATLY improved in ArmA 2... especially in Op. Flashp. 2.

2.) Graphics and physics -> Actually I didn't expect too much on the graphical matters of ArmA. So this is mostly a point I've added for the sake of it. Graphics IS important in todays games, but so is the playability. ArmA has a balanced graphics engine, with limited physics, which makes it a perfect battle-sim engine. Not too demanding, and not too ugly. It's downright beautiful at some points ^^

3.) Gameplay -> One thing I did react on is the gameplay of ArmA... HUD, effectivity of controls, and so forth. Sometimes it makes me dizzy to keep track on all controls and actions available in the game. Maybe a little less controls is in order, or else I just need to train my memory a bit xD. The actions as a squad leader works at some points. I think it's the lack of decent AI that wrecks those things actually. For example; I order my squad to 'Hold Fire'. Everyone goes 'Roger.' but in the next second they open fire again without me telling them to do so. This is mildly frustrating, since it eliminates the moment of surprise at ambushes, stealth and so on.

4.) Islands -> ArmA was shipped with 2 wonderfully designed islands. A smaller one for smaller missions, and a bigger one for bigger missions. I have nothing to say about the islands. However I miss a winter-climate though.

5.) Units and Vehicles -> ArmA contains almost everything you need to create a realistic and decent mission. However I miss the SF units... a lot. SF units should have (I think) a special appearance. Like those in Op. Flashpoint; Black Ops and SpetzNaz. Hard to explain, but they had this special "Special Forces" feel to them :D not to mention all great addons for op. Flashpoint. There are several addond for ArmA that adds great SF units too, but SF units should have a greater position in these kinds of games than ArmA allows.

I hope I didn't made myself too unclear. I'm a little bad on formulating myself (I'm from Sweden) but I think most of you get at least a little hint of what I speak :D

Thanks for me.

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#2 Posted at 2007-10-31 12:10        
Wrong section - Moving to ArmA 2 General Discussion.

1.) The AI will be greatly improved in ArmA 2. Read some articles ans watch some videos.


These links are to articles and videos in which there is information about improvements of the AI. BTW Operation Flashpoint 2 is not going to be made by BIS. Codemasters copyrighted the name Operation Flashpoint and are now making there own game on there own engine. Doing this BIS had to change the name of there game to ArmA. Really ArmA 2 will be the real "Game 2" and not OFP2.

2.) I think ArmA is way to demanding on the hardware, however there aren't many games that have better graphics and no game has as big game world as ArmA (exception OFP?). Physics should be improved so that at least units die when hit and not finish the animation before they die. Would be cool with Unreal Physics:p

3.)You should try this program:

Name: PiLfIuS!
Version: 0.9 Beta
Download: (1MB)

To make it work you need SAPI5 Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine which can be downloaded for free here: (40MB)

They also have a already mapped command list for ArmA at there site which you can get from here: (7KB)

As for the hold fire issue:
For me they never fore if they are in hold fire. I even think this is sometimes annoying as when FI a enemy unit sneaks from behind and they just stare at him waiting to get killed. I mean common return fire...

4.) Agreed... However there is a custom made winter island here: (Click Me)

5.) Maybe they should be more skilled:D I agree... In OFP it was like oww Sh!t Spetznas... Now it's like oww look they have Especas.
I don't think there really is a difference really but maybe it was the campaign that brought bigger fear of the SF because they were more skilled...

Your spelling is really good and I understand you 100% (I guess:p).

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#3 Posted at 2007-11-08 21:18        
"A welcome follow-up...", not really certain about that. In many ways, ArmA was more of the same, but most of us knew it would be exactly that. It certainly wasn't a step foward, well, it was in graphics, but in the other arenas, it wasn't a step at all... even a step back in many ways. However, my earlier hesitantcy concerning ArmA2 has since mellowed a bit, especially after seeing the new videos of the AI negotiate obstacles, and provide proper cover and maneuver for their team-mates. That said, I still have my doubts, and going back to the video aspect, I've yet too see anything evolutionary, and certainly nothing revolutionary.

The graphics while nothing less than amazing by OFP standards, are still flat, unimpressive, and ulgy by todays standards. The animations are the same as well, ulgy. From the vehicles shown operating in said videos, be they cars, APCs, to helos, still have a very clunky look to them, giving me the impression that every vehicle still has the same center of gravity a-la ArmA.

I could go on, however, we'll just have too wait and see.......