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#1 Posted at 2012-05-30 16:38        
Hello fellas,

I bought recently ARMA II OA via STEAM store, but I already had ARMA 2 on my HDD.
Reason I've done that is that I wanted to try some ACE and DayZ mods for ARMA Combined Operations but I didn't know that's this is going to be that difficult.

So since DayZ works just fine starting from ARMA2 OA shortcut I thought that if I put all the mods to the STEAM/ARMA OA folder every thing gonna be ok, but its obviously not...

Here's step by step what I did and where I end up.

-ARMA II instaled from DVD ( directory folder Program Files/Bohema Interactive )
-ARMA II OA instaled from STEAM store ) directory folder STEAM/Apps/Common etc. )
-Both patched to the lastes version ( using files from this site )
-DayZ mode instaled in ARMA II OA folder ( following instructions from DayZ site - @dayZ folder straight into ARMA folder, everything works nice and smooth )
-Downloaded all mods from this site ( including –@CBA; @ACE; @ACEX; @ACEX_SM; @ACEX_usnavy; @ACEX_ru; @JayArmA2Lib; @A2C, and some new islands and addons including - @PL,@A2C,@LR, @AL, @CN, @EV, @PD, @CL @TB, @ID -- where all of this files/folders were put to the both folders ARMA II and ARMA OA - just in case hehe)
-Started the game from ARMA OA shortcut, found all of the addons included in the Expansion part in the main menu- after enabling them game stop launching showing error : Include file userconfig\ace_clientside+config.hpp not found.
-then I've add –noFilePatching –world=none –mod=@CBA;@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_SM;@ACEX_usnavy;@ACEX_ru;@JayArmA2Lib;@A2C -nosplash to the commend line, both ARMA II and ARMA OA shortcut - just in case, where in results I had bugged main menu ( kinda just water in the background ) and I couldn't play any ACE servers.
- Then I've found _runA2CO file - made shortcut of it and add that above line to the commend line and this didn't really help.
- Got really annoyed and write up this post here....

I know all of this is a bit complicated - Im really confused right now and no idea what to do next...

Thanks for your help in advice.

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#2 Posted at 2012-05-30 17:09        
You are not installing ACE correctly (the userconfiog I guess). All ACE related questions belong in the ACE thread:
- ACE Mod for Operation Arrowhead / CO

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