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Makes use of the High Command Feature of the game.
You start as a US Paratrooper, you and your Squad(s) are invading Rasman airfield. Once you have finished destroying the enemy helicopter, you can use the high command feature to send the rest of the squads into Rasman.
However, there is a twist. Once you have finished killing all the enemies in Rasman, you can use a Radio slot, (Yet to be placed) to bring in some full on Takistani Troops, armed to the teeth and ready for war. They may have tanks and APC's but that is for you to discover.
It's a pretty simple mission that will only require ArmA 2 OA vanilla standalone.
You have to remember that this is a work in progress and may not be posted for a few weeks, depending on how much time I actually get to work on it.
The following information is the last note you will recieve on what to expect:
Your team(s)
AT Team: Team Leader, Rifleman AT x2, corpsman.
Medical Team: Team Leader, corpsman x3.
Main Squad: Squad Leader, corpsman x 2, rifleman x3, machingunner, AT rifleman, team leader x2.
??? Unknown. All we know is that insurgents are working with the main Takistani military.
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