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Good things need time!

This saying applies the evolutionary history of my latest mission. From the first announcement till today's release nearly two years have passed. But the hard work has paid off. Blue Hills is a prime mission with a consistently high quality. In Blue Hills you will find a fascinating story about the resistance fighter Sahid, who help the KSK team to liberate four german UN soldiers. The attention to details is remarkable, and depending on your progress during the mission, the story unfolds more and more. Here you should always keep your eyes open. In addition to the role of the Sahid you must also fight as a unit of the KSK team in different parts of the mission.

So i'm very proud to finish the work and present you BLUE HILLS in german and english language. Hope my english is good enough for all here. :-)


german / english

  • Extensive mission with a long playtime
  • Intro, Cutscenes
  • New Functions from OA
  • You play the resistance fighter Sahid, as well as the KSK soldiers Berg and Hansen.
  • Single combat, group order, stealth and escape
  • The mission expanded if Sahid alive till the end.
  • Of course, a mission design with attention to detail
  • uvm

Used Scripts:
  • LightTRuck
  • Tpw Houselights
  • Random Searchlight
  • Gewehrpyramide by Kybernaut

Used Mission Templates:
  • FOB Base Template von Mike-USA (v1.1)

  • Clayman for his tests and help with errors. Great man!
  • BIS for ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead
  • All the others I've forgotten at this point.

Have fun soldier! *YES*