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Armaholic ate my post so I'll abridge it...
How do I make it so when a player respawns, they respawn under the same conditions as they started the game under?

Let's use this example:
Blue Group 1 spawns at Alpha Base when the game starts. Blue Group 2 spawns at Bravo Base when the game starts. When these players are killed during the mission, I want them to go back to the same base they started at. I do NOT want them to have the option of spawning at the other group's base.

Op Group 1 spawns at Sierra Base when the game starts. I want them to respawn at Sierra when they die.

Independent's entire team I want them to spawn everywhere, units scattered at random across the map. When the game starts, they spawn in a radius of 5000. I want the game to keep factoring this in when they respawn.

Civilians also have an individual spawn point. (Rather, they are scientists and doctors in this particular mission.)

Make sense? Personally I don't know why ArmA doesn't have this as a simple option by default. All I want it to do is for the respawn to obey the same rules the players entered the game to begin with.

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