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#1 Posted at 2012-08-18 17:41        
I am requesting someone to make some D-Day Airborne models, now I know I44 has some, and 31st has some, but they're not quite the way I would like them. I want them with the whole sha-bang, as in.

* Main Parachute
* Reserve Parachute
* Life Vest
* Gas Mask Pouch
* Leg Bag
* Parachute Hook
* Ammo Pouch
* 502nd PIR Helmet
* 101st Airborne Patch
* Ranks (Pvt - Cpt?)
* Proper Web Gear


Web Gear

Main and Reserve Parachute (Requesting this to be a backpack)

502nd PIR Helmet
(A small line to the right of the heart would be 1st Battalion, under the heart would be 2nd Battalion, to the right of the heart would be 3rd Battalion, and a line above the heart is Company HQ, if done, I would request 2nd Battalion and Company HQ.)

Here is a good picture of a Action Figure in the whole load out

A Lieutenant's Helmet of the 2nd Battalion, 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment (Not entirely sure why it says 505th 82nd AB...)

This is a 506th PIR Helmet with a beautfiul netting which I would like on the helmets.

M1 Helmet with netting with fake grass, if possible, I would like some Units to have this type of helmet

Here is a picture of another helmet, I would prefer this one on a Medic, in that pouch could be anything from medical supplies to a MRE

Also a Medic would have a Medical band around his left shoulder, like this.

It would be amazing if someone could make this, and I mean if I really have to I will pay for this to be done, as it is something I would love to be seen in ArmA 2. If this could just be one or two models with all the gear loaded on with a medic variant, I would love it, I am capable of applying ranks and such.

Also, here is an amazing topic if you are more interested in the gear.

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#2 Posted at 2015-12-23 17:05        
Hello, I too have a knack for WW2 Airborne gear, owning some of the kit myself :). Im currently making a mod for mod, lol, Iron front in arma 2, to be specific. And I hope to include Airborne models, unfortunately my modelling skills aren't very good, but ill be giving it my best :).