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#1 Posted at 2012-08-20 07:50        
This is a simple 4-player map featuring free for all deathmatch in F-35B's. This is the first map I've published, and I'd like to know your opinion. There may still be a few bugs to iron out, so I put it in WIP.

Edit: new update as of 8/21. Complete code overhaul.

Download Dogfight_F-35B_4P_FFA.Desert_E.pbo from my Dropbox

-Players will spawn in the air
-Each F35 is outfitted with 1 R-73 (weaker version of sidewinder), excessive amounts of GAU12 (pretty much unlimited), and flares
-Respawn time is 5 seconds
-Respawn is slightly randomized (random in a 1000x1000 area)
-Changed the way scores are calculated. Simply, 1 kill = 1 point, 1 suicide = -1 point
-However, infantry and vehicle kill counts will still be off as those cannot be edited by script.
-Includes 1 civilian spectator slot
-Vehicles are locked (prevents eject)
-However, if an AI's vehicle is damaged too much, they will still eject. You will still get the point for killing him, but you might notice a random empty parachute once in a while.
-Bodies and wrecks disappear after 30 secs.
-Do not save and resume this mission, only restart it.

So, what do you think?

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