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Hey, was looking for some pointers on creating this mission. I need a stealth heli insert and evac, (preferably fast roping for insert.) Player is man desert BAF( john porter SAS) with BAF infantry squad. Officer is added to make up character of Hugh Collinson british intelligence. If you guys saw the mission in episode 1 where collinson murders two and maims a third member of porter's unit, I was wondering if i could script friendly fire...Then again, team is inserted near mosque in Zagrabad. Mosque is occupied by 2 groups of low skill insurgents. Hostage is inside next to wall.( It would help if there was a trigger for completing a hostage rescue objective and that the hostage would join me to evac.) Then i have takistani army regulars stationed out side mosque opposite side of my team's entry/exit. Also need trigger for mission failure/accomplished.

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