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#1 Posted at 2012-10-08 11:17        
SAM GRG System Public Beta
*Req. ACE and CBA, I will not convert this addon to work without ACE*
Singed with v.2 keys, key included

This is a addon that allows you to do two things.

1. Singelplayer: New rockets for the Carl Gustav (MAAWS). HE with airburst, smoke and illumination.
2. Multiplayer. As above and a optional buddy reload system.

To use:
1. Airburst: Load a FV441 and press the self interaction key. Press the "Set fuse" menu, use the + and - to set range and press the "rangenumbers" to confirm. Aim over your target. Fire.
2. Smoke and illum: Use smoke as any normal HEAT or HE. Aim really really high with the illumrocket.

1. To use the full system (buddy reload) place the SAM GRG System module (Found under modules in the editor) on the map. This will disable the self interaction menu option.
2. A video that should explain how to use it.
The rockets have to be in the loaders inventory, not in a backpack.

A ammobox is available in the ACE Ammunition menu in the editor (SAM MAAWS box).

This is a public beta, if you find a error or have a suggestion please post it here.

show spoiler

Thanks to:
SAM team
SSG Clan (Special thanks to Carlbark and Rigge for the Youtube clip.)
The community
and a lot of other people.

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#2 Posted at 2012-10-09 21:01        
Thanks for posting the release here :-)
I wrote a news item on the front page and you can find our mirror here:

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