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#1 Posted at 2012-11-17 15:10        
If I'm trying to connect to a server, i got an instant disconnect.
need help
tank you

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#2 Posted at 2012-11-21 13:32        
The problem i find with your post here is, you want help so you are leaving it up to whomever to solve your issue,
and for that the person replying seems to be me atm, has to figure out the following things about your situation:

    what are your computer specs?
    what mission are you trying to play?
    what game are you playing?
    is your game patched and what patch?
    Are you running any mods?
    do you have CBA setup and running?
    Do you play with "play with Six" to launch your game, or do you use a shortcut?
    what server are you trying to join?
    Does the server provide details on what the requirements are, like a mod, game version ect?
Lastly if there is ever any issue with your game then the first place to go to is your RPT for the game, if you dont know what your looking at then explain what your problem is and then give details on the situation, and then post your rpt.
Rpt can be found here -->

Usually on BIS forums I post, but I like to help where I can on Aramholic forums, the majority of newcomers even regulars to the game that have questions and or need help that post like you dont end up coming back after i listed questions like above, it seems to me that its to much work for them.

So if your not lazy and are eager to solve your issue then answer the questions, and post your RPT and we can go from there, Im just saying folks are not going to go out of their way to help you if you provide no details or information about your problem, if your not interested enough about your problem to solve it and not provide info on it then members on the forum looking to help will do the same and not take an interest in helping you solve your problem, as all you did was create work for them.

Again answer the questions and post your rpt and we'll go from there.