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#1 Posted at 2012-12-15 20:06        
Hello, i would like to announce my first addon project. As it stands the model itself isn't something jaw dropping though what i invision doing with said model will be (at least in my mind) something great.

It is a addon divided into 2 different models, the Command Launching Unit (CLU), which is 2 meters tall by 1.1 meter wide and long, with the actual antenna being roughly 15~20 centimeters, and the Precision Attack Munition (PAM) missile, which is about 1.5 meters long and roughly 180MM in diameter.

So far the CLU model has 2 resoultion LODS, even though it being low poly, the geometry LOD, Fire Geometry LOD and a Roadway geometry LOD on top (if you feel like getting a missile up your crotch :L).

EDIT: Model is now 100% complete, texturing is 50% for the CLU, will finish it tomorrow and start on the model for the PAM and then UVmap/textures.

Roughly what the CLU model looks like as of V3.0 (No textures):

A texturized model of the CLU and the model for the PAM missile will come in the following days.

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