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#1 Posted at 2012-12-22 21:17        
I have a few questions regarding Arma2.

1) I have seen it in some videos, but how can I access different weapons from a vehicle. So I start off with a spawn gun. Then I can go to the little ammo carts and change weapons. In a mission, if I want to change weapons, can I script on a vehicle to access a different weapon out of the vehicle?

2) I downloaded some addons and as a result, my friends couldn't join my games. Now, I have reset everything, but I want to download the ACE2 Mod. If I do this, and my friends don't, will they be unable to play in the game with me? Also is there a way to temporarily disable the mod when playing with friends? Can I also download addons and somehow disable them while playing with friends who don't have the addons?

Thanks, SpunkyBuffalo