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#1 Posted at 2012-12-23 14:09        
-Player is WEST (GUER changed to WEST in mission.sqm)
-AI that I want to join is GUER (civ changed to GUER in mission.sqm)

Changed the above so the hostages are friendly to everyone until they join my squad. Player one was initially GUER and the AI guy was Civ but he kept shooting the player when he joined the team (weapons etc are added to him when he's triggered to join squad), so I changed them to WEST and GUER by hand in mission.sqm just to see if the Civilian AI was being screwy, same results with the change. Basically the task at hand is clear the town and then rescue the AI guy. AI guy has his "MOVE" disabled so he stays put then when you walk up to him he's triggered to enable movement, join the group, and he's given some gear. Soon as he catches sight of me he shoots me. The baddies are EAST btw.

As a test if I run in there friendly without killing, he comes with me no problem. It's when I kill all the EAST in town and the church he's in first that he always shoots me after he joins my squad. It's weird because he's independent so there's no reason he should be pissed at me. He's not grouped to anyone until he joins me. Do I have to do something else when joining an AI right after a firefight? Think I'll try to set him to careless with the trigger too now that I said that lol. But I could be back so if you have any other ideas feel free to share.

Couldn't find a thread about this on here.

Tried setting him to Careless and Green, but he still chooses me as first target, and when I tell him weapons free he shoots me still. Not sure what the prob is.
Noticed when I edited the guys directly in mission.sqm I forgot to change the faction in a couple spots, gonna edit that and post results.
They just don't like being a civ before switching, seems like its okay once I changed CIV to GUER in both spots of the code. Sorry to take up a forum spot with this.

class Item1
class Vehicles
class Item0
init="SON_1 setPos ((position this nearestObject 172835) buildingPos 5); ";

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