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#1 Posted at 2013-01-13 06:14        
I'm having a problem with the ARMA II:OA editor. I got the Ghillies for a Change addon. Put it in an @ghillies folder in my steamapps/common/arma2oa folder, went into steam and added -mod=@ghillie. But when I launch Arma 2 OA, I don't have the Chernarus map in the editor options. So then I try just activating it in the Expansions menu in the main menu of ARMA II:OA and when I do that it says it can't find the folder. I've searched for awhile and can't come up with any solutions. Is there a way to put the specific .paa files I need into my mission folder or something along that lines?

Also, this is the script I've been putting in the Init. line.
this setObjectTexture [0,"\ghillies_for_a_change\15.paa"];
Is this correct?