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#1 Posted at 2013-01-13 06:23        
I'm putting this in the right section i hope.

I just downloaded Yoma Launcher. I'm having a few issues with, one is I'm not sure if I downloaded all the files but here is where i went to download the app:

Now the only file I downloaded was the one on top called:
addonsync2009_beta 1.0.67.msi

That is the only file I downloaded and install on my computer. Is this correct or should i have also downloaded the file underneath as well called?: z_addonsync2009_beta

The other issue is when I open up the launcher and i go to "Find Server" tab and hit search, it brings up all servers. Watching Yoma's youtube video it shows me how to find a server. I find one and double click on it. Here is where the problem begins. At the top right of the page it tells me "Server is unreachable" at the bottom right side it tells me in red, "hyperthreading active! Disable it for best Arma2 performance". When I go to hit the "Who's playing" tab nothing happens. In Yoma's video it would show you everyone in the game, but mine is a blank screen even thought there are 30 players playing in the game. I pick one that i have all the mods for as well.

Can someone help me know what is going on. This is why I thought maybe i needed to download that other file.

Added 4 minutes later:

Another thing that happen was i made a favorite server I double click and went to the "download Addontab. I hit "checking for addons" and i get a message: "Download failed Unable to connect to the remote server
, or i got "Download failed. The remote server returned an error (404) not found."

Just wanted to add this issue as well.

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#2 Posted at 2013-01-13 15:25        
Take a look on here,
He stop whit the project.

Take the time to read a topic , many info are already on the forum.