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#1 Posted at 2013-01-28 05:26        
I have noticed that when fastroping with Knoyo's MH-47E and using ACE fastropes that if having a full squad fastroping they just start to fall from the sky, it seems they get on the rope before the others are down (or atleast half down) i even saw 3 get on 2 ropes at once (the 3rd guy wasn't so lucky and plummeted to the ground) not sure if its just me or the chopper, the first couple of times i was fast roping it worked fine ... but it wasn't with squads of 10

is anyone else experiencing this problem, if so or if not can you let me know if its just me or the mod?

thanks in advance :)

EDIT: just did 2 tests one with 7 guys another with 13 in my squad and 4 in a delta team .. none fell, i'll test it on the map it was happening on though.

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