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#1 Posted at 2013-02-09 21:22        
Hi im looking for a addon thats simple to use yet you can stop time, slow it down, rewind, speed up, or continue normal while having the ability to easily move around with a camera while your original character turns into ai until you retake his body.

Lets say there is a us army platoon and a ai platoon advancing towards each other and I want to film it from a 3rd person persective and have my guy get shot. Well I push a few commands and I can move around freely and speed up time until the battle, I reposition the camera to where my guy gets shot, stop time and record that segment and then continue the battle and retake an ai and use him. There should also be a part of the addon where you can lock on and track a vehicle, aircraft, man, animal, or object and can rotate around.

I kinda feel like that example made little sense but ehh it will work. Thank you for reading!

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#2 Posted at 2013-02-10 00:26        
Wow, well your are lucky then, Because everything you described exists already built into the game and its called ''camera.sqs''

Place your unit down in the editor or that big scene you mentioned above, in his init-line type -: this exec "camera.sqs"
Note it does not have to be a soldier or unit it can also be a radio command.

Controls are:

W forward
E fast forward
A left
D right
S backwards
Q up
Z down
8 tilt upward
2 tilt downward
4 rotate left
6 rotate right
+ zoom in
- zoom out
L toggles crosshair (and tracked target box)
/ (on NumPad) target nearest object OR position on ground
Space Bar also targets nearest object OR position on ground
Del Turn on/off floating mode

The reat can be found here

Also you can slow down time by also typing after the other line ''setAccTime 0.3'' that will be slow , further watching for you can be found here its ArmA 1 but still exactly the same with ArmA 2 so no worries here is the video

Hope this all helps, good luck.
Regards Jeza

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#3 Posted at 2016-02-02 22:04        
I tried to sort of 'rewind time' with this by typing "setAccTime -1;", and I think that I saw my character back up for a split second (mind you I wasn't holding the S key to go backwards), and then the screen was alternately a very dark greyish-blue colour and black. I quickly set it back to normal time (setAccTime 1; for those of you that might not know :)), but it just sorta stuck like that. However the escape menu DID work, so I could leave the scenario. Just telling you guys so that you don't accidentally mess up and such.

On another note, though, is there a way to stop time, but you can still move and shoot and such? Sort of like in Garry's Mod or the Matrix?

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#4 Posted at 2016-02-02 22:45        
Digging up a three year old addon request thread with a pretty much unrelated question...... topie!

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