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#1 Posted at 2013-02-27 00:59        
I have an Xbox Controller (OH NO) solely for flying because I dont have the room for a joystick right now.

For helicopters it is fine, but I need to crank up the sensitivity for the Roll (X-Axis I believe). Now I have found the settings for the "Xbox 360 Controller" that is built into the game, but the customiziable option will not work for some reason. When I change the numbers in the player profile file in my documents it does change the settings for that unaccessable xbox controller "scheme". But I cannot find the default Xbox 360 controller scheme to change. For some reason only the default (uncustomizable in game) scheme actually works in Arma). SO I need to find the actual settings within the Arma files to change the values.

Now I have found out that the line sensitivity line here


In the profile file will change the sensitivity, but not much. "High" still is not enough, and "Veryhigh" and "Very High" both gave error messages.

Any Help is greatly appreciated!