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#1 Posted at 2013-03-10 09:39        
So this all boils down to me wanting to make a video. Inspiration struck me and I have everything I need except some audio lines from ARMA 2. Since ARMA doesn't just simply put their audio recordings in the directory raw it makes this a lot harder on me. Im trying to get all the death/injury screams and moans into an audio format so I can use them but im not sure what files hold this data and how to extract them in a usable format for video editing.

I've done some searching around, but threads are far to long and usually revolve around another issue so it's hard to really figure out what to do in this specific situation. All of your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Moved to addon editing.

I too have no idea where those sounds are but they are in the official .pbo's (obviously). You can open those with Eliteness.

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