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#1 Posted at 2013-03-13 04:04        
Intel i5 3550 3.3 GHz
Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB OC Edition (clocked to 950 core, 1300 memory)

Temps are fine, not reaching much more than 60 degrees on either GPU or CPU. CPU usage is all over the place, usually around 70 though in heavy areas. I tried all the launch options like cpucount, none of them seemed to work. I suspect it's a problem with having an AMD card, but I don't know. This happens on any settings, but more frequently occurs in towns and/or when playing the infantry showcase, multiplayer, or editor with a sizable amount of AI. Turning my settings to the lowest possible, it clearly has a framerate increase in crowded (graphically) areas, but I still get the stuttering and overall doesn't help much. On my (custom) higher settings I go anywhere from 50 to 60. The FPS drops/stutters cause me to drop all the way down to 30 in some cases, but individually they don't last more than a second.

Before you ask, disc is completely defragged, used CCleaner multiple times to clean registry and other crap. Drivers are 13.1, the latest full release. I don't think this is a purely CPU problem because not only do I have an Intel processor, it exceeds the recommended requirements by .5 GHz. I know Arma games are CPU hogs but I'm not even trying to play this thing with tons of clutter and this still happens.

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