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#1 Posted at 2013-03-14 08:52        
I use JSRS 1.5 and I have the problem that in multiyplayer it seems like that I only hear the "close-weapon-sounds"
some1 can shoot a M249 100m away I hear NOTHING not even cracks or snaps from the bullet impacts.
If the person is close enough though I hear him shooting.

In singeplayer tho everything seems fine: I went in the editor, spawned a couple of OPFOR and BLUFOR positioned myself like 200m away and I heard their gunfight then I engaged them myself and heard snaps n cracks when they returned fire.

I have the problem when startin @JASRS 1.5 with @CBA, @CBA_A2 and @CBA_OA
and when I start @JASRS 1.5 with @CBA_CO
I own ArmA II : CO

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