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MH9 Down

cloggedDrain [Hoodrat Gaming]

An MH9 has been shot down over Girna while transporting a three man team to LZ Conner. The mission is to EVAC the downed team in Girna to Camp Maxwell (or Airstation Mike 26, which is also held by Blufor).

This is a very fast paced mission. The team in Girna should take shelter right away. Once in cover, call for CAS and wait for the rescue team to make their way to you.

- Rescue the team in Girna
- EVAC to Camp Maxwell or Air station Mike 26

Players will assume the roles of either the downed team or the rescue operation. Although this is a 15 player coop mission, you may be able to complete it with just a few (it will be a major challange).

There are several patrols between Girna and Camp Maxwell. If the opposition proves too strong, you may EVAC to Air Station Mike 26 as a secondary LZ.

- Revive with 5 lives
- CAS (2x) and Transport Helo (2x) support (Pilot, CoPilot, Squad and Team leads only)
- Random Spawn locations
- Virtual Ammobox for rescue team

The rescue team is stationed at Camp Maxwell. They have at their disposale ground and air vehicles, as well as an ammo box.
The team in Girna needs to seek cover and await extraction.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your MPMissions folder.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to =BTC= for the revive scripts
Thanks to Tonic for the Virtual Ammobox System scripts

Change log
Update 1: Fixed ending triggers so the mission actually ends when you reach Camp Maxwell and/or AS26.

This is my first public mission. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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downloaded thnx!

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