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Although this project has been in the works since last year, I have finally gotten some funds together to finish the it. Gnat was able to provide a wonderful cessna for arma 3 that I have been working off of for the config file, but there is still some unanswered questions I fear will only come to light with BI releases their first fixed wing. The AC130X is the fictitious relative to the AC130W gunship that is in development today. The W model is more like an MQ-9, as it fires missiles instead of traditional hard rounds. The X recaptures the feel of the old aircraft with the chasis of the Ac130U spooky II. There will be 3 versions of the plane released to the ArmA community. The first is a single player aircraft in which the pilot can switch to the gunners position after setting an orbit in auto pilot and leave the plane to fly itself. the second and third version require both a pilot and gunner to be used, however the hardcore version (third version) will have additions such as retractable guns, pressurized cabin, and oxygen meters to account for in flight. The hardcore version will also have a navigator's seat. This position will be able to toggle between watching the gunners camera and using the AC130X ETD (external threat dection) system to track incoming missiles and small arms in order to release countermeasures or direct the gunner's fire. This aircraft will add many new levels of teamwork and coordination in attacks.I do not have pictures of yet, however I will in the upcoming months. It is completely untextured at the moment and Im afraid I am not cut out for texturing in the HD graphics of today, so if anyone IS please PM me and ill let you know when I have a UV mat ready.

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