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#1 Posted at 2013-05-22 13:59        
I'm testing to use vehicles, such as an helico, as shuttles.
i.e. Get in an helico, give an order by a trigger based, for example, on radio Alpha, and validate the next WP for my aircraft to take off and go there; then, after that, coming back and waiting for an other order to take off.
The problem is that when the trigger has "opened" that WP, it's definitly opened and my vehicle go on cycling without stopping.
A part of the solution is to use several triggers of the same type, but it's not an "elegant" solution, and waste a lot of triggers only for this shuttle.
The good way to do that should be using only the first trigger as a switch validating and unvalidating the same WP undefinitly...
Is there a solution ?

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#2 Posted at 2013-05-28 11:35        
I dont know if this is possible but if you create 2 repeatable radio signals such as Start shuttle and Stop shuttle.

Make the start shuttle trigger like this:
Shuttle = "true" this will create a variable with the value true.

Make the stop shuttle trigger like this:
Shuttle = "false" this will change that same variable but changes its value to false.

Now create a final trigger linked to the waypoint that makes the helicopter take off and enter this in its condition:
Shuttle == "true"; this will check the value of the variable Shuttle, if you have signaled in that the shuttle should transport the value will be true and the waypoint will be activated.
If you then radio in that the shuttle should stop the value will change to false and the shuttle will not take off unless it receives the radio command again. International ArmA 3 Unit.